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  • Q Who is AudioWinner?

    A AudioWinner was established in 2018, we are professional R&D and production: car amplifier, car audio, DSP car amplifier, DSP car audio, EQ processor, accessories and other products, our products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Q Are you a trader or a manufacturer?

    We are not only a source manufacturer, but have a strong design core team with over 20 years experience in car audio products development (including software, hardware, power supply, mechanical engineers).
  • Q What products can you provide?

    A At present, our main products are: car amplifier, DSP car amplifier, DSP audio processor, EQ processor, accessories and other products.
  • Q How can we get samples from your company?

          Ways to get samples:
         1. Contact the company's customer service to request samples.
         2. You can directly go to the AudioWinner Alibaba international brand store to place an order for the corresponding product, and note the sample in the order.
  • Q Do your support OEM/ODM?

    A Yes, All of our products support OEM/ODE service.


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