The car changed the acoustics also changed, why can not get the ideal acoustics effect?
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The car changed the acoustics also changed, why can not get the ideal acoustics effect?

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      For music lovers or ordinary car owners, great music can lead to a better driving experience.The owner reaction of some refit acoustics is not good to hear ask to assist debugging, and what car acoustics refits is good with bad, excellent with inferior, besides the quality of the product, still having very big concern with refit technology.Here is a detailed analysis of the reasons.

There is a problem with the audio equipment

      The equipment that has a lot of pretend to be famous brand is flowing on acoustics market nowadays, did not pass skill appraisal, and do not accord with quality standard.The skill target of such devices is very low, and the quality is very poor. Some machines have noise when starting up, and scenery noise when broadcasting music, which is the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), which is formed by defective circuits.And there is a risk of insecurity. 

      There are some owners with a lower price installation of a set of acoustics, although the surface of the device good-looking device, but the internal does not meet the standard, the use of these commodity combination of sound system, sound quality may produce noise and distortion performance.

This kind of device is usually no skills goals, some no origin and manufacturer, or pretend to the United States, Japan, or famous brand goods, frequency response, resulting in the goods there in music will have shortcomings, can't reflect the music intact, especially the device active gun in a low voice, make music feeling seizure disorders, and even not clear. 

      Good acoustics sound quality should be high, medium, low level is very clear, like a lake clear water clear and clear.Multiple devices of shoddy devices, as few and fine devices of high quality devices.So how should we identify the counterfeit devices? 

1、Is the package specified: origin, manufacturer, standard and so on 

2、Distribution authorization is available 

3、The key is whether the sound quality is satisfactory to the device's goal 

4、How does the combined system sound?


Improper equipment match

      Audio modification is not all the famous brand components stacked together to be able to give a good sound.Once there was a car owner device devices are authentic international brands, loudspeaker device of 12, including three low voice, three car amplifier.The volume is not big, and there is noise, low voice box planning scale accounting error, the biggest problem is that the deployment of devices is not reasonable, the use of devices is not appropriate, the device and debugging skills are very poor, these formation of the whole system failed to play a role.

      A set of good sound system equipment, not only a brief deployment, more important is to fully develop the role of each device, to explore the potential of the device.Some people think that devices use the same brand of good.I think it is the right direction not to use better devices, but to use some high-quality devices. After reasonable deployment, professional devices and careful debugging, the devices can play a better role and go beyond the value of the devices themselves.

The audio components are of low grade

      Each brand has low, medium and high-grade devices, usually low grade devices offer very cheap, for example: low grade single butterfly CD player plus two pairs of low grade loudspeakers, the price is only more than 1000 yuan, it seems that they are famous brands.It's easy for customers to accept, but it's usually a profitable practice for some merchants.

      General customers saw are all famous brand only, do not know is the low level of goods, also don't know the device does not match between, especially the low level of the speaker or even without the high head, is usually used to form a complete set of small power tape machine, smaller power, high sensitivity, distortion occurs when the volume slightly up, used to form a complete set of CD machine, good quality is difficult to reflect.

      The main performance is that the high pitch area reflects worse, hoarse and sharp, in low voice control force is poor, sometimes also "blasting", the sound sent out will be like "flapping, flapping" and so on.But the low grade of goods sound quality is poor, some businesses will not tell customers, because businesses catch customers to buy cheap goods of psychology, both cheap and want to name brand, so, will be such a collocation device.Usually the profit of such acoustics businessman also is not little.Some customers feel bad after the device, but also had to accept.

Unqualified modification skills

      Most car acoustics are semi-finished products, which need to be debugedby professional tuners to ensure the quality of acoustics.Some refit shop technical personnel did not pass professional training, usually the device only briefly connected to the device, sound field positioning fault, phase fault, installed car amplifier is not safe, and even cause a fire.

      Debugging sound system is an important link.Some technicians can't even understand how devices work, can't use them, haven't heard the sound of a symphony or other real instruments, but can calibrate the timbre?How can you hear a problem and get a good sound system?This requires that the debugger needs to have professional knowledge of sound tuning, in the tuning of the sound system will be adjusted to a better state.


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