The 18th Shenzhen International Automobile Modification Service Exhibition
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The 18th Shenzhen International Automobile Modification Service Exhibition

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    18th shenzhen (spring) international automobile refitting service industry exhibition (AAITF) perfect end, the auto industry giants are from all over at home and abroad gathered here, to discuss the trend of the automotive industry and business opportunities, Moshangyin as research and development of high quality audio and DSP audio system solutions company became the exhibition a heat flow,Hand in hand with the major new product solutions, for the exhibition site to bring many surprises.


There are many overseas customers from the United States, Japan, Thailand and so on gathered here

产品火热围观图2   产品讲解图1 

 产品火热围观图3  产品讲解图2


    Moshangyin core development DSP intelligent tuning scheme, combined with artificial intelligence AI technology, the original traditional complex tuning process has been simplified, easily can be done with one key.According to different acoustic environment, equipment performance and customer preferences and needs, open the tuning software of the computer/mobile phone, click the "Audio Tuning" option, and it will automatically detect the car environment, test the sound, and then generate the best audio debugging scheme after data calculation.Automatic matching level, automatic conversion delay, automatic modification of EQ of each channel And so on the various data repair, tuning link need to spend a few hours at ordinary times, but now the whole intelligent tuning process only takes 30 minutes, will be able to make sound quality comprehensive improvement and upgrade, and quickly debugging the best listen to the emperor, a key several times the sound of an upgrade, let you easily tuning has become a master. 


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